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You packed the dishes, de-cluttered the garage, hired the movers and signed the papers. Now what? Performing a deep clean before moving out is beneficial to both parties – especially if you have a security deposit on the line. However, move out cleaning is easy to neglect.

After all, you have bigger things to worry about – like moving into your new home or apartment! Dust Busters Cleaning offers flexible move in and move out cleaning services to ease the transition to your new home or apartment.

What we Provide:


Dust all pictures, decorations, light fixtures & ceiling fans, wash counter-tops, sink and items on counter top, spot clean cupboards, wash fronts of appliances, clean inside/out of microwave, shake rugs, empty trash, sweep & mop floors


Wipe mirror, clean counter tops and sink, dust decorations & light fixtures, clean toilet, clean shower walls & tub, empty trash, sweep & mop floors


Dust pictures, decorations, windowsills, wood furniture, lamps, ceiling fans & tv’s, vacuum tops of furniture, sweep, mop or vacuum floors.


Make beds (please leave out clean sheets so we can change them) dust pictures, decorations, lamps, ceiling fans, windowsills & lamps, empty trash, sweep, mop or vacuum floors.


Wash table, dust chairs (wash as needed) dust decorations, vacuum rugs, sweep and mop floors.


Wipe outside of appliances, dust where needed, empty trash, sweep/mop floors.

Dust Busters guarantee professional cleaning
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  • Do you bring all your own supplies or do I need to supply things?

    We bring all the supplies needed to give your home a professional cleaning! If you use something we don’t provide just leave them on the kitchen counter top and we will use it.

  • Do you service Fargo?

    Yes we do! We have been asked this before. Our physical location is Moorhead but most of our business is in Fargo.

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